November 14, 2017 - 11:31am -- duffey.2

2017 Honor Members

The 4-H Honor Member award recognizes 4-H members, 8 in 3rd grade to age 18 for excelling in all four clover areas – Head, Heart, Hands and Health.  Points earned in each area determine their bronze, silver, or gold medallion award.

Bronze honor award members were:  Jonathan Castillo, Canaan Pathfinders and Hannah Green, Beginners to Winners.

Silver honor award members were:  Hannah Brown, Town & Country Kids; Maria Coulardot, Town & Country Kids; Kaiden Howard, Fairfield Rascals; Mason Hermiller and Sydne Hermiller of Clover Clippers; Kendall Kuck and Noah Kuck of Beginners to Winners; Janelle Marks, Mud Run Hustlers; Victoria Sanguino, Clover Clippers; and Ben Shuler, Starlight Riders.

Gold honor award members were:  Sophie Brand, Yes We Can; Donna Campbell, Jumpers & Flyers; Matthew Canterbury, Yes We Can; Hope Featherolf, Exclusively Equine; Brooke Hermiller, Clover Clippers; Devin Howard and Sidney Howard, Fairfield Rascals; Shea Huntington, Beginners to winners; Callie Jenkins, Exclusively Equine; Alicia Mejia, Canaan Pathfinders; Molly Metcalf, Exclusively Equine; Marissa Osterloh, Country Bunch; Olivia Rinesmith, Fairfield Rascals; Cade Smith, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Will Smith, Canaan Pathfinders; Isaac Tipton, Yes We Can; Autumn Tubbs, Beginners to Winners; Olivia Vance, Clover Clippers; and Addie Wilken, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

Cloverbuds are 4-H members 5 years old and kindergarten until they are 8 and in the 3rd grade.  Cloverbud members present were:  Maria Garcia, Canaan Pathfinders; Will Huntington, Beginners to Winners; Dakota Hutson, Town & Country Kids; Skylar Tackett, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; Grant Tubbs and Luke Tubbs, Beginners to Winners, and Ellie Wilkin, Helping Hands Happy Hearts.

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