December 5, 2018 - 12:49pm -- duffey.2

This year’s 2018 honor clubs were:   Beginners to Winners,  Born in a Barn,  Buckeye Rangers, Canaan Pathfinders, Clover Clippers, Dirty Boots & Shiny Belt Buckles, Exclusively Equine, Fairfield Rascals, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, Jumpers & Flyers, Mud Run Hustlers, Prairie Raiders, Speedy Spurs Livestock,  Town & Country Kids, and Yes We Can. 

Community service winners announced were:   Helping Hands Happy Hearts – 3rd place; Yes We Can-2nd place; and Beginners to Winners-1st place.   Each 4-H club community service winner was presented with a cash award. 

4-H volunteers present were recognized for their years of service.    First year advisor –  Jackie Bolin,  Fairfield Rascals, Joel Buckland, Helping Hands Happy Hearts, and Christen Rinehart, Born in a Barn.   Second year – Steve & Valerie Hermiller, Clover Clippers;Jodie Marks, Mud Run Hustlers; 4th year - Emily Davis and Gennie Davis of Yes We Can; 5th year- Jody Campbell-Jumpers & Flyers and Bridget Wilkin- Helping Hands Happy Hearts.   6th year- Deetra Huntington, Beginners to Winners; 8th  year- Jennifer Sweet, Helping Hands Happy Hearts;  11th year Chris Fetherolf;  15th year Annette Rinesmith- Fairfield Rascals; Savannah Brock;  16th-Monroe Harbage-Clover Clippers; 21st  year – Judy Gallimore and Heather Mayabb, Helping Hands Happy Hearts; 24th year - Tammy Smith- Canaan Pathfinders;  25th year- Kevin Clemmons of Country Bunch and Robin Hutson of Town & Country Kids; 27 years- Daphne Hedgecock, Clover Clippers;   33 years- Holly Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders; 36th year – Kevin Stockham, Canaan Pathfinders and 42 year - Pat Gallimore

Honor Volunteer Award.   This is a way to recognize volunteers annually for a wide variety of tasks at the club, county, state, and national levels.    Those present achieving volunteer awards were:   Daphne Hedgecock, Deetra Huntington, Judy Gallimore, Heather Mayabb, Christen Rinehart, Tammy Smith, Holly Stockham, Kevin Stockham, Jenny Sweet, and Bridget Wilken