December 5, 2018 - 11:40am -- duffey.2

A Friend is a person or business or group who help or support someone or something.  A Friend of 4-H would be someone who supports the 4-H Program.    This year's Friend of 4-H is Madi-Lon, Inc., an amazing group of individuals who generously donated to the Madison County 4-H summer camp program.  With the financial support provided, Madison County youth will be able to experience the outdoor adventures of 4h summer camp.   Madi-Lon, Inc. truly wants to see youth excel and believes that 4-H is a unique program that can foster passion and dreams   Madison-Lon, Inc. recognizes the monetary challenges of local families that would like to provide this type of recreational and leadership programming to their youth.   Their amazing gift will benefit Madison County youth for years to come.