Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)


This page covers information on projects from STEM, from Rocketry to Bicycling, Woodworking, Chemistry, Electricity, ATV's, Energy, Knots, Physics, Robotics, and Small Engines and Tractors!

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2 Liter Bottle Rockets, Solid Fuel Model Rockets, Science Fun with Flight,


Bicycling for Fun and WHeels in Motion

Chemistry, Energy, Physics, and Food Science

Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry, Electricity circuits, Solar Energy, Science Fun with Physics, Dairy foods

Small Engines & Tractors and Machinery, ATV Safety

3 levels of small engine projects, 4 levels of tractor operation, ATV safety

Woodworking and Welding, Knots

4 levels of woodworking projects, Arcs and Sparks - Arc welding, learn all about knots


3 levels of robotics projects

Rocketry Projects

Bicycling Project


Chemistry/Energy/Physics/Food Science Projects

Woodworking, Welding, and Knots Projects

Small Engines and Tractor Machinery Projects