Clothing and Textiles projects

clothing and textiles projects

This page covers information on projects related to clothing and textiles: from getting started in sewing, to embellishments and new sew projects, and sewing for others!

Watch the video below to meet Daphne Hedgecock, Master Clothing Educator and Clothing and Textile Project Key Leader and learn more about what it takes to enroll in a sewing project in 4-H.

Contact Daphne at 614‐353‐0406 or with any questions!

Click on the project area below to learn more about the projects available!

Beginner Projects

Accessories for Teens, Sew Fun, Designed by Me, Sundresses and Jumpers, Terrific Tops

Intermediate Projects

Em-bel-lish projects, Sew for Others, Ready, Set, Sew Active, Loungewear, Clothing for Middle School, Shopping Savvy

Advanced Level Projects

Clothes for High School and College, Creative Costumes, Dress Up Outfits, Outerwear for Anywhere, Look Great for Less, Clothing for Your Career, Clothing Master

Beginner Projects

Intermediate Projects

Advanced Projects