3rd Place:    Krazy 4 Clovers

Our Club, Krazy 4 Clovers, enjoys planting the flower bed for community service.

Our members discussed ways to incorporate the fair theme into the design. This year families had the opportunity to plant flowers into flower pots and keep them at their homes to take care of and water. Home Grown flowers that were brought to the flower bed when we plant the remaining flowers.

We had a meeting at the fairgrounds last month and the members cleared the bed from weeds and mulch so it would be ready when we completed the bed.

All our members contributed to this project. The members were asked to watch the flower bed this week and to pull weeds when needed.

The flowers in the middle are colorful and add beauty to the Merchants Building as people walk buy. Last year we planted perennials on each side, lavender, cone flowers and dusty miller. Cone flowers do well in dry areas and offer a pretty flower. We hope to incorporate more perennials as time goes on.