4-H Project Help 

  • Contact the Extension Office at 740 -852-0975 for a list of Project Leaders to assist you!
  • 4-H Project Book Purchasing and Download Options
  • If you are interested in being a Project Leader for a specific project area, please call 740-852-0975 to speak to the 4-H Educator.

Madison County Project Guidelines 

  • 2023 4-H General Project Completion Guidelines (Livestock and Special Interest) Note: this is a general overview. Review the additional information below and refer to the Madison County Jr. Fair Book for specific details for the fair requirements. Contact the extension office or key leader with any questions.

For more information about special interest projects, judging, clinic, etc., click here: Special Interest (Non Livestock Project) Specific Information
For more information about livestock projects, skillathon, clinics, etc., click here: Livestock Project Specific Information

State Fair and Ohio 4-H Information:

State Fair 4-H Non-Livestock Guidebook and Dates


Pricing changes: prices have increased across the board and will remain in effect through 2023 program year. Current prices are listed in the 2023 Family Guide

  • New Projects
    • 365.00 Digital Media Idea Starter (X)
    • 360 Your Feelings Matter (B)
    • 386 You're Hired! (A)
    • 509 Robotics Essentials (I)
    • 544 Ready, Set,...Mow! (A)
  • Revised Projects
    • 228 Rabbit Project and Record Book (X) - Combines and replaces 225-227 (Breeding Rabbit, Market Rabbit, and Pet Rabbit project and record books)
    • 467 Cooking on My Own (A) - Replaces 467 You're the Chef
  • Discontinued Projects
    • 365.00 PhysBot Idea Starter
    • 762 Horse Nutrition
    • 507 & 508 Robotics 1 and 2

Family Guide

This is your place to connect to our entire collection of 4-H project books for the year. Each project book contains information and activities for members to explore as an organized group project or at home under the guidance of a parent or interested adult. When choosing a project, consider your interests, background, what is necessary to start the project and the resources available to help you complete it. The At-a-Glance 4-H Project Selection guide at the back of the Family Guide will help you choose the right project. Project books are available at the OSU Extension Office, Madison County, 217 Elm Street, London, Ohio.

You may call our office at 740-852-0975 if you have any livestock related questions, we will help to find the source for information.

Quality Assurance Must be Complete by May 15


Important County Forms:

So wait, what all do I have to do to show my horse at the Madison County Fair though 4-H?

1. Register in 4-H Online by March 15 with your horse project (1st-3rd year exhibitors must
enroll in the Beginning Horse Management project)
2. Be an active member of your 4-H Club as a member in good standing.
3. Horse ID forms, *Negative Coggins test (New this year), and Lease agreements (if
applicable) due to the Extension office by May 1
4. Submit your fair entries by May 15 via Fair Entry (online)
5. Complete EquiSTEP training by May 15
6. Attend Livestock Skillathon (June 20 or 28) with completed equine record book.




Swine Animal Tag In - Due ONLINE May 15

4-H and FFA members must submit pictures of each animal that they wish to take as a project and be eligible, upon project completion, to exhibit at the Madison County Fair.  Animals must be in the member's possession by May 1.  The identification form must be submitted by 11:59pm on May 15.  Swine members may identify up to 6 market pigs.  Only 4 market pigs may be exhibited at the Madison County Fair.  This form must include the information for EACH pig the member would like to identify.
This form registers your swine as a part of your project only.  You must also enter your swine for the fair using the online Fair Entry system by May 15.

Jr Fair Book - Swine updated 1-30-2023


  • What you need for Fair Entry:
    • Ear Notch number
    • Head picture showing ear notches clearly
    • Profile picture showing colors and markings of hog
  • Other information: 
    • Exhibitors can submit up to SIX ear notches, but can exhibit up to FOUR hogs at the 2023 Madison County Fair
    • Hogs exhibited MUST match the information listed on this form and the photos submitted
    • Use this resource: Universal Ear Notching System (click here)
  • headshot photo WITH ear notches clearly visible of all hogs being considered for exhibition