Hey Camp Counselors! This is our place that I will upload resources from each meeting, things to work on at home, links, etc.! 

Camp Counselor Handbook

Meeting Handouts and Assignments 

January 2:

Febuary 3:

February 16-17:

March 11:

Workshop Preparations:

Committee Work:

Tribe Work:

  • See above link for list of tribes and names
  • T-Shirts: Every camper will get a white shirt with the design. The ink on the shirt design will coorelate to their color of their tribe. These will be colored during the color run! 
    • Counselor shirts will be white with black ink; we will tie dye them before camp!'
    • If you have design ideas...send them to me ASAP!

Cabin Work:

  • See above link for list of TENTATIVE cabin assignments (these are subject to change)

Other fun links!