Cloverbuds are 4-H'ers too!     

Cloverbuds are 4-H members who have reached the age of 5 and enrolled in kindergarten as of January 1 of the current year.  When a child is at least age 8 and enrolled in 3rd grade as of January 1 of the current year, the child is eligible for 4-H club membership.

Any youth age 9 or above is eligible for project membership, regardless of grade level. Membership requires enrollment in an authorized Ohio 4-H club or group under the direction of an OSU Extension professional or an approved adult volunteer. A youth’s 4-H eligibility ends December 31 the year he or she turns 19. Joining Ohio 4 H is a privilege and responsibility for individuals and is subject to the Ohio 4-H Code of Conduct and applicable policies of The Ohio State University.

Cloverbuds focus their attention on activity-based lessons and non-competitive activities.  Cloverbuds are not eligible for out-of-county activities, competitive events, residential camps, and/or projects designed for 4-H club program members.  Cloverbuds are not to hold offices (they can lead the pledges). 

The Cloverbud program is developmentally-age appropriate.  It promotes non-competitive, leader directed and activity based learning experiences.  There are many fun, positive, and group-centered learning activities which allow all children to be successful.

The Cloverbud program objectives include developing:

  • self-understanding skills (self-esteem)
  • social interaction skills (getting along with others)
  • decision making skills
  • learning skills (learn how to learn)
  • mastering physical skill

How do I become a Cloverbud Member?

If you are 5 years old and in kindergarten through second grade, you could be a 4-H Cloverbud member.  Contact the Extension office at 740-852-0975 to find a Cloverbud Club near you or learn how to start your own Cloverbud Club.

Madison County Cloverbud Opportunities

Club Participation

Each club has a cloverbud volunteer who helps plan activities with your cloverbuds to get them excited and learning about different project areas!

Cloverbud Day Camp

Madison County offers a day camp in the summer for our cloverbuds to participate in. We will be going for a day of hiking, swimming, crafts, etc., and spend a day learning together!

Cloverbud Show & Tell at the Fair!

Cloverbuds will do a project with their club. They can choose to display this project at the fair. While there is no project judging component, we invite all cloverbuds to attend a one on one sharing time with a member of Fair Royalty during Cloverbud Show and Tell during Kids Day at the Fair.

Cloverbud Show & Tell Registration

 Prince and Princess for the Day:

  • 4-H Cloverbuds have the opportunity to shadow Madison County Royalty and Ambassadors for a day during the 2024 Madison County Fair.
  • Any 4-H Cloverbud can register to sign up for the Prince and Princess for the Day Opportunity. 
  • You can sign up as part of the Cloverbud Show-N-Tell Registration and also in person in the Extension Office during Fair Week.
  • Each day at 8:30 PM, the Royalty will draw 2 lucky names (one boy, one girl) and the parents will be contacted to notify them that their child was drawn. 
  • If for some reason, one of those drawn is unable to fulfill the duty the next Fair Day, another name will be drawn to participate in the Prince and Princess for the Day Opportunity. 
  • The lucky Cloverbuds will not need to shadow the Royalty/ Ambassador all day but for a scheduled period of time that works for the parents of the Cloverbud, the Cloverbud and the  Royalty/ Ambassador.      
  • Royalty/ Ambassador will provide details in regards to meeting up with them in the Della Selsor Building if your child is drawn to serve as a Prince or Princess for the Day.