Madison County Fair: July 6-13, 2024 

Theme: Let it Show at the Madison County Fair!

All Fair Entries AND Animal ID Information is due May 15 ONLINE at Fair Entry 

Need help? Call the office at 740-852-0975.  

2024 Jr. Fair Rule Book coming soon!

Note: There is no pre-entry form for the following contest (see fair book for rules)

Cake Decorating
Club Barn Decorating Contest
Club Flower Bed Contest (sponsored by the Master Gardeners

Jr. Fair Sale Information

Although all 4-H members participating in the sale will be required to complete the form, a 1099 will not be issued unless the premium (amount above the market price to be paid by the packer) for animals sold exceeds $600. The calculation is based on the total, so if more than one animal is sold, the premiums will be added together. In addition if an individual wins an open class event, that amount will also be added to the premium from the sale.

Fair Passes

Club Fair Pass form - return to SFB office

Other Fair Opportunities

Talent Contest

Click here for Awards and Application