2024 JFB Information: 

Applications are due November 1, 2024 for all new and returning JFB members to the Madison County Extension Office 

Contact Jr. Fair Coordinators for more information at: dillion.26@osu.edu 

  • Junior Fair Board Information & Application: ONLINE JFB APPLICATION 2024 
    • Please review the meeting dates and expectations prior to submitting application

*New Applicants may be contacted to set up an interview with JFB coordinators, Extension staff, and Senior Fair Board Representatives

• Must be at least 14-18 years of age.
• Ability to work with minimal supervision and/or know when and where to receive assistance when needed.
•Demonstrates appropriate behavior at all times.
• Possesses good leadership abilities and responsibility skills.
• Willingness to promote the Junior Fair as an educational opportunity where proper ethics and honesty is valued.
• Supports the Junior Fair Board as an active, productive organization by:
*Electing officers based on ability, attitude, and experience.
*Complying with the Junior Fair Board Constitution.
*Being involved in either 4-H or FFA *When making decisions, involving the Junior Fair, and to be objective.

• Take active participation in fair planning and conducting your division or committee activities.
• Collaborate to improve and expand on ideas for the Junior Fair.
• Promote the Junior Fair as a positive educational opportunity for youth. This may include contacting and securing potential sponsors/donors as needed.
• Always maintain a level of PROFESSIONALISM when handling Junior Fair participants, advisors, and parents. You are a leader and mentor once selected as a JFB member. Leadership development opportunities will be part of your training.
• Support the decisions, policies, and activities of your division or committee and the JFB.
• Work closely with adult leaders (livestock committee members, 4-H volunteers, SFB, Extension staff, etc.) by sharing in the planning and conducting of division rules and activities.
• Read, understand, and enforce the general rules, agricultural rules, and the specific rules applying to your division/committee and the JFB office. All are subject to Jr/Sr Fair Board approval.
• Report the items discussed to your 4-H/FFA Club, and report feedback from your Club to the Board.