Ractopamine Guidelines for the Madison County Junior Fair Swine Show as of 4.2.2020 (FINAL DECISION)

Click here for more information on Ractopamine Free Projects and the Affidavit

*The Affidavit form will be due at time of check in along with other paperwork and DUNF forms

2021 Changes for Swine Classes:

2021 Fair Swine Check-in Procedure

Checklist: Minimizing Swine Influenza

Measures to minimize swine influenza

2021 Fair Swine Book and Rules

Other Resources:

Measuring Weight of Livestock by Heart-Girth Method.  The only way to find the exact weight of an animal is , of course, to weigh it.  IF this is not possible, the weight can be approximated by the heart-girth measurement.        Click here for the measurement method.  

Swine Tag In - May 1

Drop off the following to the EBY Arena on Saturday, May 1 from 9:00am-12:00pm

  •  Madison County Swine Ear Notch Form 
    • Exhibitors can submit up to SIX ear notches, but can exhibit up to FOUR hogs at the 2021 Madison County Fair
    • Hogs exhibited MUST match the information listed on this form and the photos submitted
    • Draw in notches on the sample hog to match the hog(s) the exhibitors is considering for exhibition
    • Use this resource: Universal Ear Notching System (click here)
  • A headshot photo WITH ear notches clearly visible of all hogs being considered for exhibition