Swine Animal Tag In - Due ONLINE May 7

4-H and FFA members must submit pictures of each animal that they wish to take as a project and be eligible, upon project completion, to exhibit at the Madison County Fair.  Animals must be in the member's possession by May 1.  The identification form must be submitted by 11:59pm on May 7.  Swine members may identify up to 6 market pigs.  Only 4 market pigs may be exhibited at the Madison County Fair.  This form must include the information for EACH pig the member would like to identify.
This form registers your swine as a part of your project only.  You must also enter your swine for the fair using the online Fair Entry system by June 1.

Swine Tag In/Identification Form - Due May 7, 11:59pm 

  • What you need:
    • Ear Notch number
    • Head picture showing ear notches clearly
    • Profile picture showing colors and markings of hog
  • Other information: 
    • Exhibitors can submit up to SIX ear notches, but can exhibit up to FOUR hogs at the 2021 Madison County Fair
    • Hogs exhibited MUST match the information listed on this form and the photos submitted
    • Use this resource: Universal Ear Notching System (click here)
  • A headshot photo WITH ear notches clearly visible of all hogs being considered for exhibition 

2022 Swine Classes:

2021 Fair Swine Check-in Procedure

Checklist: Minimizing Swine Influenza

Measures to minimize swine influenza

2021 Fair Swine Book and Rules

Other Resources:

Measuring Weight of Livestock by Heart-Girth Method.  The only way to find the exact weight of an animal is , of course, to weigh it.  IF this is not possible, the weight can be approximated by the heart-girth measurement.        Click here for the measurement method.