Women in Ag Monthly Meet-Ups

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4th Tuesday of the Month at the Gwynne Conservation Area Cabin, 690 Arbuckle Rd., London, OH 43140

5:30-6:30 Social Hour and Dinner

6:30-8 Guest Presentation

Upcoming Speakers

Jan 24: Ukraine Agriculture and Economic Implications, Dr. Allan Lines, Professor Emeritus, Agricultural, Environmental and Development Economics

Feb 28: Agroecosystem Dialog, Dr. Aaron Wilson, State Climatologist, Ag Weather and Climate Field Specialist and Jason Cervenec, Education and Outreach Director, Byrd Polar and Climate Research Center

Join in a discussion on climate change impacts and agricultural resilience. Bring your lived experiences and share with others as we collectively explore potential actions that may help our community adapt to changing weather conditions.  

Mar 28: How to do On-Farm Research, Dr. Elizabeth Hawkins, Agronomic Systems Field Specialist