Madison County Master Gardener Volunteer 2024 Projects

1. Bluebirds, Butterflies and Blooms Garden Club

Sue Cline, Chair

Jan Rogers, Julie LaForge, Caty Abbott, Cathie Littleton, Jeff Pitt, Mary Karlsberger Peden, Kelly Hopkins, Patt Delph, Monica Price, Michele Bouquet, and Christy Pearl

2. Govenor's Heritage Gardens

Shirley Kindrick - Chair

Jan Rogers, Mary Karlsberger Peden, Michele Bouquet, Kelly Hopkins, and Sue Cline

3. Community Mural Park Native Pollinator Garden

Sue Cline - Co-Chair

Michele Bouquet - Co-Chair

Jan Rogers, Julie LaForge, Jeff Pitt, Marlene Dorko, Monica Price, Kelly Hopkins, Mark Byerly, Patt Delph, Caty Abbott, Lynn Glispie, and Christy Pearl

4. Madison County Helpline

Amanda Douridas - Chair

Jan Rogers, Marlene Dorko, Patt Delph, Jane Kutzley, Sue Cline, LuAnn Dillon, Shirley Kindrick, and Christy Pearl

5. 4-H Garden Judging

LuAnn Dillon - Chair 

Jan Rogers, Susi Rolf, Caty Abbott, Cathie Littleton, Mary Karlsberger Peden, and Kelly Hopkins

6. Madison County Fair Display

LuAnn Dillon- Chair

Susi Rolf, Kelly Hopkins, Mark Byerly, Caty Abbott, Cathie Littleton, and Jan Rogers

7. Plant Sale 

Christy Pearl - Co-Chair

Jeff Pitt - Co-Chair 

Julie LaForge, Jan Rogers, Mark Byerly, Mary Karlsberger Peden, Kelly Hopkins, Patt Delph, Jan Kutzley, Sue Cline, Caty Abbott, LuAnn Dillon, adn Lynn Glispie

8. Range Township Garden

LuAnn Dillon - Chair

Susi Rolf, Cathie Littleton, Sue Cline, Caty Abbott, Christy Pearl, and Jan Rogers

9. Community Outreach and Education

Shirley Kindrick - Chair 

Jane Kutzley, Jan Rogers, Michele Bouquet, and Christy Pearl

10. Ask a Master Gardener - State

Marlene Dorko and Jane Kutzley

11. Articles for Soil & Water, Messenger, etc.

LuAnn Dillon and Jane Kutzley

12. Audit Committee

13. Holiday Party

Cathie Littleton- Chair

Julie LaForge, LuAnn Dillon and Christy Pearl

14. Scholarship & Grants Committee

Sue Cline - Chair

Michele Bouquet, Cathie Littleton, Shirley Kindrick, and Christy Pearl

15. Presentations, Activities, Continuing Education

Michele Bouquet - Chair 

Kelly Hopkins and Jane Kutzley